The Ireland story

Bedrock has been working with Caffè Nero in Northern Ireland since 2008 and a brief to evolve the look and feel of the interiors across the UK in 2013 coincided with Caffè Nero’s expansion into the Republic of Ireland. We were asked to give southern Ireland it’s own unique take on the brand with a greater emphasis on a local, more individual approach. The brand aims to create the warmth and comfort of a cosy sitting room, with southern Ireland trialling a mix of bespoke hand-carved back bars, eclectic reclaimed furniture, real fires and locally sourced pieces to make each coffee house unique. Chalk artists are commissioned create messages and graphics tailored to each store, from ‘A’ boards on the pavement to menus and coffee messages on black board walls. Photographic wallpapers and framed pictures combine a mix of Caffè Nero’s classic Italian lifestyle with imagery drawn from local history and personalities. The first store to launch this concept was in Merrion Row, Dublin, in March 2014 - on St Patrick’s day, of course! New store openings continue apace, aiming to reach 40 over a 5 year period.